photo courtesy of  Empiria Studios

photo courtesy of Empiria Studios


Oh hey there! My name is Leah and I'm the lady behind the cakes here at INK. People ask me all the time about how I got into such a specific career, and honestly, I never had to think about it much. When I was younger I used to bake and decorate for fun and I suppose I never stopped! I actually made the decision that I wanted to become a cake decorator when I was 14. How bananas is that? After graduating high school my mom told me it was probably a good idea to get a degree in something (you know, being an adult and stuff?) so I decided to pursue my love of cake and all things sweet and in 2014 received my Associates Degree in Baking & Pastry from Kendall College in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, I've been focused on expanding my portfolio and pushing the boundaries of what cake can taste and look like. I'm a big lover of anything non-traditional. If your goal is to think outside the box for your event and create something truly strange, awe inspiring, or just plain different I'm your gal.


Tattoos. The F word. Marvel movies. Cheeseburgers. Tacos. Bourbon


Onions. Driving. Rude people.