Why so expensive?

Questions about the price of wedding cakes come up all the time. The most common being, “Why are they so expensive? Isn’t it just cake?” The simple answer to that question is no. Not here. And, I want you to know why.

Custom cakes here at INK are filled with a whole lot of love from beginning to end. It begins with a tasting/consultation. We chat about you, your likes and dislikes, your favorite memories together, and your big day! From there, I sketch. I spend more time that I would like to admit sketching and re-sketching and sometimes RE-SKETCHING again to make sure the ideas have come together perfectly. Then it comes time to make the cake… yay!

Here at INK, I don’t skip out on the good stuff. Your cake is baked from scratch with only the best ingredients. We’re talking non-bleached and non-bromated flour, real sugar, eggs, butter, sour cream, and buttermilk. 2 different cocoa powders are used to create the perfect balance in my chocolate cake. Nuts are hand chopped and toasted before being folded into the aromatic almond cake. That caramel in your salted caramel slice? Yeah, that was made on the stove top too.

These things matter to me. Why? Because I not only want to make you the most beautiful cake you’ve ever seen, but also the tastiest. Hours have been spent testing and re-testing to create the perfect balance of flavors. Do you see how much love has already gone into your cake? So much love!

After your cakes have been baked, filled, assembled, and iced they can finally be decorated (the fun part!) Cakes can take anywhere from 2-40 hours to create. Sometimes more! Custom fondant work, sugar flowers, gilded designs, and so many other techniques take so much time and patience to produce well.

Phew, we’re done now, right? NOPE. Now, time to deliver (the scariest part of a cake’s life) You know all of those pesky pot holes that emerge in the spring that make you spill your coffee in your car sometimes? Try driving a tiered wedding cake down those exact same roads. Uffda.

From beginning to end I want to make sure every step of the process is completed with stupid amounts of love and care. It’s truly a labor of love. Your cake is not just a cake, especially not to me.

Cake Pricing

  • Wedding cakes begin at $8.00 per slice and go up depending on complexity of design.

  • Special Occasion/Birthday Cakes are offered and decorated with chocolate, confections, macarons, and sprinkles that correlate with flavor chosen and are priced below.

    (does not include tax)

    • 5” - serves 8 - $56

    • 6” - serves 10 - $70

    • 7” - serves 12 - $84

    • 8” - serves 14 - $98

  • For other events/occasion cakes please send me a message from our contact page. I would be more than happy to give you a quote for a custom piece!